This week as an MBA was focused on setting the stage for our year here at the Oxford MBA. We started the week with GOTO (Global Opportunities & Threats at Oxford) a module designed to get us thinking about global scale challenges and how diversely we can start to define them let alone solve them. From the 60M displaced migrants globally, to the shortage and scarcity of water, to the impact of big data on privacy & cybersecurity. This module provides the context for our classes in the broader world and looks like it will be the highlight of our […]


This week has been intense and honestly felt like a month. We have had many parties and pub nights, LONG lectures filled with all 340 of us; some terrible sessions and some astoundingly amazing ones including Sue … Sue Tonks and Simon Bucknell. Simon’s session on executive presence was by far my favorite and I gained a lot of lessons from his time with our class. The biggest lesson is that story-telling is a missed opportunity in business and that is one reason it is so successful. When Simon told us this, it resonated with something a McKinsey partner told […]


Keeping an Open Mind

I have now spent two weeks in the UK and have been loving every minute of it. Sure I miss home and probably need to call my family more often, but the time I’ve spent here has been incredible. In the past two weeks I have visited the pub C.S Lewis, JRR Tolkien (and the rest of the Inklings spent every Tuesday) at least 5 times. I have spent countless hours with my classmates and have started to get past the initial greetings portion of any new relationship. I spent 3 days in London including a wonderful date with the […]

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My first week in Oxford – and how I got here.

In the past week I have had an amazing time at Oxford. I have met a few dozen classmates, enjoyed a dozen pubs and restaurants, and gone exploring, but lets start with the flight. On Monday morning I said goodbye to my Mum and boarded a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to JFK. I spent that flight reading a book called “Watching the English” all about the different cultural norms and rules which create English culture (Thanks Cara for the suggestion). When I landed at Heathrow I checked into the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse and settled in for my 5-hour […]

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A New Adventure

Tomorrow morning I hop on a flight to the UK and officially begin the next step in my journey. I’ve spent months getting ready. From pre-class assignments & readings, to packing up my entire life into just 3 bags. As I get finish my preparations I am struck with the question I’ve been asked a lot as I have gone through this process. “What do you want to do with your degree.” As I look at all the options I have following my MBA I am at first struck with choice paralysis. I could continue in consulting but at a higher […]

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Why Choosing Oxford Was The Hardest Choice I’ve Made

I have spent a lot of time on this blog talking in generalities about Oxford, this week’s post is more personal as I just took off from my home in DC for the last time for at least a year. My decision to pull the trigger and go to Oxford was extremely difficult. More than the standard loss of home, community, friends and job (which have been immense and at times painful), my choice to go to Oxford is one of the hardest choices I have yet made because it represents a personal choice to close a door on a […]

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Why Oxford MBA is the best class of MBA’s Globally

After I was accepted to Oxford I had an amazing opportunity to visit and meet a few fellow admitted students. We sat through a mock lecture, toured the business school and all of Oxford (including the spot where Catholics were burned at the stake for betraying the King), and had lunch in a Great Hall of Balliol college, one of the oldest colleges in all of Oxford. I’d like to spend today’s post telling you more about my class and the amazing people in it. During my weekend trip I met a handful of my future classmates, but most exciting […]

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How to get into Oxford (or any top MBA program)

Applying for any business school is a marathon, not a sprint. First you have the GMAT/GRE, then you visit all the schools, fill out the applications, polish your resume, and then you are left with the essays. While preparing for my application I went to an admissions fair and heard Harvard’s Admissions Director Dee Leopold state that an essay is an unprovable story about a candidate and having 3 essays * 10k applicants takes a long time to get through them all. Hearing Dee talk about the essays gave me the insight I needed. I put myself in the Admissions […]

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OxfordMBA’s Unique Advantage – Colleges

What first inspired me about getting an MBA was the fact that class sections are  meticulously manufactured to create conflict and diverse thoughts. If a school can manage it, nobody from the same firm, school, state, etc will be in the same section. This creates an environment where everyone is approaching a problem from a different perspective. It forces students to realize that diverse perspectives provide the best solutions. It forces conflict which creates stronger resolutions that are better for business.   When I realized this, the kid who grew up in very homogeneous Salt Lake City, Utah was intrigued. […]

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Why Oxford?

The number one question I have been asked after letting people know I am headed to get my MBA at Oxford has been a variation on the question “Why Oxford?” From “Why not a US School?” to “Why did you think to apply to Oxford?” this has been a central theme as I talk about picking up my life and moving 3,600 miles away. So why DID I apply? Why did I say yes? I could tell you about how it is the oldest university in the world (it was 300 years old when the Aztec Empire was founded). I […]

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