Living in Opposition or living through it?

We believe that there is opposition in all things. That in opposition to joy is misery, in opposition to life there is death. When you look at these things you can clearly see that Joy is superior to misery, that Life is superior to death. However are these things that are opposition are not inferior, they provide the ability to both enjoy & appreciate life, and they each have their time and place.
If Christ had not experienced the misery of the bitter cup then He could not have found Joy, and neither can we find and appreciate Joy without having tasted the misery that is found in sin. Is death really a bad thing? Without death then we wouldn’t be able to have eternal life. Think what art would be without the dichotomy of light and shadow and that balance and equilibrium.
Could then our dilemma be a brief moment in misery that will translate to a greater Joy in the life beyond? Could our trials preclude us to receive greater Joy depending on how we bear them? Will we drink from the bitter cup or let it pass from us? What will you do?