A World Without You?

I was first introduced to Children of Eden by D. when he showed me Lost in the Wilderness. I was again, a few days later, told about it again by a fellow “family” member who wanted to audition for the role of Adam when tryouts happen this April at BYU. Me, not knowing much about the play, thought that was neat, but that I would try for Cain because of the song Lost in the wilderness. Today I was listening to the entire soundtrack on my way to school and I stumbled across the song A World Without You. This song is my new favorite song because it describes me personally and the troubles I faced right before I tried to hurt myself back in DC. I think that it also describes the feelings that we MoHos face. We are asked to choose between an help meet and God.

My wonderful dichotomous mind and I can see both sides of this coin as well. So often I feel like Tevia in the Fiddler on the roof debating between one hand and the other hand, but unlike him I am unable to say that there is no other hand. On the one hand I see that Adam, in choosing to stay with Eve, became the progenitor of the earth, the human father of all mankind for we are all sons of Adam and daughter of Eve. In choosing to avoid God he became the Prophet in still trying to do what he had been taught even though he knew not why. On the Other hand, I see that I am not the first man, I have not had a direct physical connection with God, and the telling of the Garden story in “Children of Eden” isn’t necessarily true to doctrine. On the other hand I can’t help see that we will be punished for our own sins and not for Adam’s transgression. On the other hand I see that this might just be Adam’s personal transgression and not the same sin repeated in us generations later. On the other hand Adam fell (left the Garden) so that man might be and that they might have joy, How am I supposed to be if I do not fall?

I think I am going to have to stop with the other handedness now. Do you have any thoughts on this?