I have always seen Lent, for some odd reason, to represent and be symbolic of Christ fasting in the wilderness for 40 (read: many) days, and that it carries many similarities with Ramadan in that it is a time of fasting from the things of the world whether in food and sexual pleasure (in the case of Ramadan) or something of your choice (like Smoking for my Granny) in the case of Lent. I never realized that it was a commemoration and purification before Easter.

I am going to follow in Christ’s footsteps.

In Christ’s day He often discussed doctrine and scripture with the Rabbi’s and the Pharisees and Sadducees. He tried to understand His mission through the clarification of the priesthood in his day. I have tried to do that as well in my life. Christ, before he began His ministry went into the wilderness and fasted and went to commune with Heavenly Father. He stopped listening to the noise of the world and instead focused his attention on the LORD and afterward, He came out of the wilderness knowing his mission fully and nothing, not food, power, glory could distract him from the mission he knew he had to accomplish. He was reluctant, I believe only once, when he asked the cup to pass from him but he also knew that the Father’s will was most important.

I am going to follow in Christ’s footsteps.

I plan to enter the unknown, the wilderness, and seek council only from the Lord. Because I can not just head into the mountains for 40 days I am instead going to have to enter into the wilderness of mind. For Lent I am giving up all Noise that has hounded my mind. I am going to eliminate all discussion, all argument, all persuasion, all attempts to prove my beliefs in what to do: With regards to Religion, the Church, and the MoHo Dilemma. I plan to cut out ALL of this discussion and instead focus that time towards communing with God and listening to the Spirit. I plan to spend at least until Easter, but possibly farther not seeking out discussion at all and if it starts to happen either with others around me or in my own mind, I plan to change the topic. I do not know where this will take me but I have faith that it will lead to the Fathers will for me. I will spend my time getting ready to tear my soul in two. I will commit myself to following and covenanting with God in whatever he tells me. A part of this will be the curbing of all blog reading for about 40 days, I will (in the Catholic Tradition) check them once every Sunday but will most likely avoid commenting on them. My blog will most likely flounder for a little bit while I find my new voice, but I will blog about my experience and hope that the answers I get will bring me peace and a foundation of security.

PS Lent Starts Feb 25th, I will be at the MoHo party on the 28th, but will most likely be not to talkative when it comes to MoHo philosophies and I might need to leave early as well. 🙁 sorry Scott.