The Wheat and The Tares

While I wasn’t blessed with the “Bitter Fruits of Apostasy” lesson yet, I was graced with the lesson on the Matthew 13 Parables last Sunday. While I was listening and reading and pondering the parables, the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares hit me.
In this Parable there is Field (the World) that is panted with good seed (the Righteous) In the night, the Devil plants Tares (wickedness) in the field. The servants of the Field (prophets?) ask the Lord if they should pull up the tares. The Lord tells them not to because they might, in pulling up the tares, also uproot the good seed. The Lord instead, tells them to wait until the Harvest (Judgement) when the Tares shall be gathered and burned, while the Wheat is harvested.

The juxtaposition of this with the church’s recent political actions led me to make a connection here. For the sake of argument, lets assume that I have been deceived by the Devil, Am evil, and Apostate, Wicked in essence. And that Homosexuality is the corruption of a good thing by the Devil. Would it not be safe to assume that those who go against the grain of the Church are the Tares? If so, then Why is the Church trying so hard to uproot the Tares when they should instead be tending to the Good Seed until the day of harvest? Does anyone else see the disconnect between the teachings of Christ and the recent Political actions of the Church?