Divorce: The State of the Union

Divorce is what has torn my family apart. It is what has made me stronger. It has increased my tolerance of others. But it has caused more pain than even my coming out. Tonight I was at a crowded restaurant and I had to go to the bathroom so in I go and shortly after I enter, a guy walks in on his cell phone talking to his buddy. This guy wishes his friend a Happy Divorce day. Apparently the divorcee sent a text to his friends telling them that he was officially free and divorced. This broke my heart in the bathroom because I realized that here some guy was celebrating his divorce and here I am unable to get married in all but 2 states. And so again I started thinking my horrendous cyclical thought. A part of me really wanted to just yell “oh the humanity.” I say this not because I necessarily want to get married right now. I really don’t know if I will get married or stay celibate, or if I would get married to a man or a woman. However, the fact that this essential right is being withheld from me really just wanted to make me rant and hey, that is what a blog post is for. So for now, I am not going to calm my thoughts but instead us them to help me edit and add to my post about Revelation that just went up last week. I am going to add to it and send it in as a plea to the First Presidency to Pray in earnest and give us some clarity, so wish me luck.