Choose a Piece

I just got done talking to my mom for the last couple of hours and I figured I needed to blog rather than be ambiguous on my facebook status.

I may have made my decision and solved my dilemma at present. We shall see how this works for the next few weeks and months before I make anything official, but it looks like I will most likely be leaving the Church temporarily.

I believe that the Church will, just like opening up the priesthood to all worthy males, eventually change its stance on homosexuality. I believe in my heart and in my mind that a committed relationship between tow people regardless of gender is perfectly acceptable in God’s eyes. If I am wrong, well then I will end up exactly where I am meant to end up either way, in the kingdom of glory that best fits me and will most help me to grow more.

I still believe that the Church has the most truth, but I do think that they are wrong here and I intend to follow what my heart and mind tell me. So hopefully I will be able to deal with this decision and its ramifications and stick to it. Hopefully I will be able to have continual peace finally. I know that I will doubt this decision, but I hope to look back on the peace that I feel now and remember it and seek after the same level of peace always.