NOM, Get some sense

No offense, but the ad above from NOM, besides being misleading, FAILS at what it is trying to do. Realistically these guys are trying to create a campaign of traditional marriage activists. If this is their goal, then why did they start off with “Massachusetts schools teach second graders that boys can marry other boys.” In any ad you should start with your strongest point first and this one is over my head. They should be outraged and focused on how gay marriage is being taught in the second grade, but not voice it as if what they are teaching isn’t fact.
FACT: It is legal, in Massachusetts, for boys to marry other boys.
FACT: Second graders in Massachusetts are also learning about land masses, and most likely pangea.

That is not what the bible says happened and so are groups not in uproar about that? Because they realize that we do not live in the great society where the state is raising their kids. They relaize that they have an obligation to teach their children that they believe differently than what the schools teach. The same thing applies with Gay marriage, all the teachers are doing is stating fact. 2 Men can get married. It is a parents responsibility to raise their child and teach them the beliefs that they hold dear. If you, as a massachusetts parent believe that gay marriage is wrong then tell your kids that by all means. Tell them that you believe that marriage is defined by God as between 1 man and 1 woman. I actively encourage that. But the schools in Massachusetts are NOT teaching that Gay Marriage is how marriage should be, they are stating how it is… the facts.
That two men Can and Will get married in Massachusetts.

The second part of their propaganda was how a field trip was taken to city hall to see a gay wedding and it seen as a teachable moment. I have not been able to find the article in question, but it seems as if it was a teachable moment. Just like the JFK assasination, the Civil Rights Marches, the first interracial marriage, September 11th, September 12th, and November 5th were all teachable moments. They, like all moments in time are teachable. These times however taught us lessons of tolerance an that is what was being taught in California. At that time Gay Marriage was legal, it was a moment when two men could get married and the fact that those 18,000 marriages are still legal tells us that it is still a valid teachable moment becuase these kids were being taught about an historical event and about tolerance for others whose views may differ from yours substantially. If that is wrong, then what is right? Complete war against those that are different? Re-criminalization of homosexuality?

I can understand how the fear of a school teaching your child that gay marraige is ok can be scary and frightening, but at that time it wasn’t wrong (in the eyes of the state, a part of which the school is). It may have been wrong to God, but that doesn’t mean that that viewpoint should be taught in schools. There is a seperation of church and state for a reason.

The last attack that they state is ” the rights of people who believe marriage means a man and a woman will no longer matter.” First off even if they were right and Gay Marriage did take away the definition of straight marriage (I know it is hyperbole), why is it that their right to define marriage is greater than ours? The other aspect of this attack is that it is not going to change the fact that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God. Nothing can. Nothing wants to. Those advocating for equality are seeking equal marriage for everyone, including straight people.

The last part thing that I have a problem with is the actor. I really hope the audition tapes for this one get leaked too! Oh Boy! This male voice artist really doesn’t do a good job at selling the story that they are going for. So for now I am grateful that NOM has a horrible sense of taste, truth and Public Relations, But I hope they keep it up because it is only helping the equality cause.