The Allegory of the Acorn

I am done with finals and am cleaning up my computer files and came across this so I figured I would post it here. So here it is, the Allegory of the Acorn.

Allegory of the Acorn
Sunday, August 05, 2007

There is a motivational poster that states, “Inside one Acorn lies the entire tree.” I believe that this is truer on a spiritual level than we even realize. In side us, a single acorn, lies the potential to become a magnificent person, or tree. However, I also believe that each tree produces more and more acorns to eventually create a magnificent forest. We, as humans, have the potential for limitless growth. But let us look at the creation of the tree. How was it made. Some believe that random cell divisions eventually created the magnificence that is a tree. However, I believe that there was some intelligence involved in the design. Trees were created by a higher power. We were created by a higher power.

I don’t think that very many people who believe in a higher power have asked the following question. Where did God, the creator of our world, come from?

Was he just a coincidental division of cells, or was he too created by someone else?

This is a difficult question because if you believe in God, then you might just have faith that he was created by a random cell division. Or you might come to the same logical conclusion that he was created by, to Him, a higher power. So, following this train of logic, if God was created by someone and He is a God, then we, as God’s creations have within us the potential to become Gods and create others. All things in life follow a cycle, does it not make sense that things after this life will also follow in a continuing cycle. That as we are, God once was and as God is, so too might we become. We are his creations, his acorns. We have the potential to create ourselves as trees, and others to build our forests. Would it not make sense that eventually we will get to a point that we, who were created by some higher power, could become as he is, just as an acorn can become a mighty Oak like its creator. In the logical progression of things, this makes extreme sense to me.

However, for all of the acorns that a single tree produces, how many ever become full fledged trees that have the ability to create acorns like unto the original tree. Many acorns are cast in rocky soil, others are cast by the wayside, while others are placed in a rich soil that allows them to grow to there full potential. I believe that our lifestyle is represented by the many locations that the seed fall in the scriptures. Those of us whose are cast in rocky soil are caught up in our own vanity. We are too shallow to allow the fullness of a tree to grow. Those who are cast by the wayside are too caught up in the ways of the world. They are willing to follow anyone who passes by them and therefore are not rooted enough to grow fully. But those few who are not shallow and who are rooted in a firm place are those who have been planted in rich soil that can support a full tree.

As a boy longs to become a man and a girl longs to be a woman, so to do acorns long to become great Oaks. We all have something that we wish to become because that is the natural order of things. We need to strive to become a fully fledged tree that we might follow in the steps of our creator, even God himself.