The Truth? No, Your Opinions on Sodom

Hey everyone, After watching the video hosted on Enigma’s blog an Idea hit me. I have my opinions, you have yours. I want to gather as many varying opinions (supported by scripture, scriptorians, Prophets words, etc.) regarding WTH went down in Sodom. We all know the basic story and that we have the word Sodomy from that city of the plain, but I want to gather as many varying views as I can get on this subject.
If anyone reading my blog is a part f the NorthStar community, I want you to post this same statement and either have them report here, or present their ideas inside NorthStar and then have you post them here.
If anyone from Affirmation or Evergreen is reading this I would like your take on Sodom.
Any MoHo Blogger I want your view.
Any casual reader who may or may not be connected to either gay or LDS issues, I want your opinions too.

Please send them my way, either in comments or via email to, I look forward to reading them

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