A Brave New World

So tomorrow I am going to do a strange new thing. I am going public. Not as an IPO (I can hear the inside joke now my economical friends) but on a radio program.

A couple of months ago I had a video entitled “Why I Stay.”

It was prompted by a discussion that people were asking me why in the hell I would stay in the church that is so destructive to my temporal life. So in that video I commented about this blogger and how he mentioned that the shootings in Tel Aviv were his fault because he didn’t do more to “gay it forward.”

Well he found me and my vlog and wrote this article about me, and how I am the ORsa Parks of the Gay Mormons. I do not think I am at all, granted we are a widely diverse bunch and I by no means represent any loose group, I think that job goes to Scott or Alan if anybody.

Well I just happened to be someone who grabbed his attention and so he asked me to join him on his radio show tomorrow at 8 PM Central Time. It will be available to listen to afterwords, but I figured I should let you guys know, and for those of you who think this means I am an apostate, I firmly disagree and I think I have the Hope to find out. (you know who you are :))

Here is the link


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