Halloween Ideas

So I was really excited to go to Scott’s Halloween MoHo Party this year, but with my new job in DC I will only be able to be there in Spirit. Recently, I have been thinking of what I would go to a Halloween party (either in DC, or Utah) dressed as. I have usually gone as a Vampire (Count Dracula, not the accursed Edward) or a turtle or a fencer. In fact that is all I have ever gone as. But after seeing Captain Midnight’s post about obscure people he has dressed up as I have been wondering how to expand my dismal display. Here in DC, Halloween is pretty much the biggest gay holiday ever. It is to gay men what Valentines day is to straight (coupled) women. I have been lost until I found this drawing. I think I might become Peter-pan (the twink) for Halloween, but I want your thoughts.

Can I make the transition from this to this?