The "Aha" Moment

So I was vegging out today and I ran across this clip during a show I was watching. I captured it here, but it is from Bones. The episode is about an Amish musical prodigy. Now the Amish and music are pretty much like the Mormons and Homosexuality. During the episode (which I recommend BTW) the issue of music as a tool of the devil is mentioned. In fact in that same scene, the musician is reported to have said he felt “possessed.” They mention choosing a gift such as his music over his religion and discuss I could palatably feel the struggle this kid on rumspringa was going through. What strikes me as different is the fact that for the Amish and music there is a realization that something that good Has to come from God. that God’s hands are in all thing good. The Amish friend recognized the good fruits and had a moment of “Aha.”
Sadly, too few Mormons, be they parents, friends, leaders, etc. have that “aha” moment. The point at which they realize that Hafen is wrong. Homosexuality can’t be broken down into attractions and behaviors. The “Aha” moment comes when you realize that the attraction vs. behavior model is all about sex and that for a gay mormon, his (or her) sexuality is about SO much more than sex. It is about holding and caring for one another, about finding someone to grow old together with, and finding a spouse to have a family with. Oh that I were an angel and could shout from the rooftops of the world that homosexuality is not all about sex, any more than heterosexuality is.
For your final enjoyment, take a look at the prodigy’s parents’ reaction. Notice their hesitence at first and their acceptance after they hear the music and have their “aha” moment.