Fireside Call and Response

I will go item-by-item and comment on them. I will give my thoughts that I had as he said them as well as those I have had in my re-listening to his talk. First a brief refresher of his point and then my counter point.

1.     1. God Loveth His Children took 5 years and outside consultants to come up with the final pamphlet
a.     This brings into question the validity of this pamphlet as “revelation” as many point it to be. Asking outside sources and spending 5 years to write the words seems like an awfully long time if it came direct from Heavenly Father. I am not saying it isn’t possible, just unlikely. That also doesn’t meant he pamphlet isn’t important and crucial, just perhaps it isn’t revelation.
2.     2. Same-Gender Attraction is a Sanctifying process for the church and members with it.
a.     In regards to the church, this make it seem as if I am the man blind form birth standing here in my position solely for the world to learn a lesson from. It kind of sucks looking at it like that, and worse if I have to suffer so that “a whole nation doesn’t dwindle in unbelief.”
3.     3. The wrong question is “Am I happy?” or “Can I have what I want?” The right question is “How can I become like Christ?”
a.     I agree that those are the wrong questions. I think that may be the right question, but for me it became, “Lord, What would you have me do?”
4.     4. There is no pill to cure homosexuality
a.     Amen!
5.     5. For some people individual effort, the spirit and other things help some people, for some people it doesn’t
a.     His comment was put in quotes before for a reason. He said that for some people the feelings diminish dramatically and in some cases almost go completely away. To me this seems like a very small percentage of success, and only after tweaking the definition of success a bit.
6.     6. People are distinctly unique in their trials, lives, situations and experiences
a.     I completely agree, and even think that different individuals can have varying positions within this same issue. Some may feel that they can and should marry a wife, others to live alone, and some, like me, to search for a husband. I honestly believe that everyone has their own unique path in this life and as he said, “who are we to judge another’s path?”
7.     7. Same-gender attracted members can serve in any calling, and should
a.     Amen!
8.     8. Everyone is a Child of God and we would do well to remember that
a.     Amen!
9.     9. Silence is the greatest enemy
a.     I completely agree. This isn’t something that should be hidden or talked about in hushed conversations. I thank those who clearly call it out and discuss it openly. H/T to Carl for boldly mentioning this blog and my blogroll in Institute.
This post is already pretty long, so I will respond to the questions tomorrow.