About This Blog

I have been pretty busy with life in DC but I have created this blog to fill many of you in with what is going on in my life. It is where I will rant and rave and flesh out my own internal ideas and policies on politics, religion, exercise, GLEE, etc.

It is the blog of an unashamed, unabashed Gay Mormon who has a lot of ideas in his head. Some of them may suck, some of them may be great, and some of them may come from far off in left field. If you have the time please let me know how you feel about my writings and ideas. Leave a comment, shoot me an email or just click the new buttons below.

The title and URL are both taken from the musical Spring Awakening. As I was looking for audition music a couple of months ago I discovered the song “All That’s Known.” The protagonist, Melchoir, sings it at the beginning of the show. To me it represents the beginning of a Hero’s Journey.

Melchoir, dissatisfied with the lack of free thought, sing about how he knows that there is so much more to find. He can tell simply by looking at himself. I relate to this song and also know that there is far too much that I don’t know. So the title of the blog – “All That’s Known” – serves as a constant reminder to me that I have yet to discover all that’s known and that I need to keep pushing to go, as Lewis states, Further up and Further in.

The URL, David’s Awakening, serves as an allusion to the musical. It also is symbolic of when I am starting this blog. I began this blog with a copy of my talk at a fireside re: homosexuality and the Church. When I moved to DC I made a promise to be honest, completely honest with everything. That being said I wasn’t going to broadcast my sexuality.

This fireside was the turning point in that personal policy. I realized that staying silent about who I was was actually causing me to lie. I would avoid questions, answer with non-gender specific pronouns, etc. I realized I was going back to my life as a lie and knew I had to change. I had to have my own rite of spring as it were and awaken into a new person. A person recommitted to honesty, a person devoted to being who I am regardless of the views of others.

And so I David Baker am a 21-year old policy wonk, gay, Mormon, a fencer, a blogger, a priesthood holder, a thinker, and someone who has his whole life ahead of him, it’s time for me to begin my own hero’s journey.