Clearing the Cache: This Disgusts Me

There is so much going on that I can’t get to it in a week’s time and so as I collect stories online I will pull them into my cache. These are stories I wanted to share or write about but didn’t get around to soon enough. Take a look because they are great stories.

  • The disgusting bad news? PBS has released a ticker that counts the . The good news? The Earth has plenty of oil. Here is the code to share on your site:
  • The first season of GLEE was great and the season fianle is Tuesday, but this re-enactment can’t be missed
  • Facebook and YouTube announce pages designed to interact with Congress at Personal Democracy Forum (the pic at the top left of my blog is from that conference last year)
  • A 5 minute Ted talk on the importance of Social Media
  • An article from O’Rielly that discusses the real privacy concerns. Spoiler alert: It isn’t Facebook.
  • An interesting case about the limits of the First Ammendment
  • An Op-Ed from the Chuck DeVore for Senate Campaign in California that, despite my ties to Chuck’s campaign staff, makes me want to vote against DeVore. Apparently, Moderation brings destruction
  • McDonald’s released an ad in France unveiling a new campaign “Come As You Are”