Politics and Prose

I have written about making mistakes and owning up to them before but it has recently failed to happened again and I feel the need to highlight it.

What would you do if a political candidate absolutely told the truth? None of this Cover your Ass BS but told the honest truth and, when they made a mistake owned up to it and promised to be better.

Imagine it for a second. Imagine a politician who, when called out for making stuff up told you the honest truth. Wouldn’t that politicians human failings and humility fill you with a sense of pride and endear him to your heart? I know that for me it would, after all, honesty is the best policy. Imagine if Nixon had stated from the beginning that he was wrong, that he had done wrong and broke the law rather than stating, after stonewalling for ages, “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal“. Perhaps he wouldn’t be used as the proverbial whipping boy of honesty and he would instead be remembered for his rather good policy decisions. But alas, he decided to hide the truth, to cover it up and to insist that he had done nothing wrong.

Oh how the times have stayed the same. The reason for this post is yet another politician who, instead of claiming ignorance about the english language decided to elevate herself to the level of the Bard. Sarah Palin, upon being called out for using non-word like “Refudiate”. Here is her tweet
but rather than simply state I misspelt a word or stating “Yeah I messed up” she then sent out this tweet.

I’m sorry Sarah but you are not on the same level as the Bard and you are certainly not even in his league. Sure new words enter the mainstream English language but not through a horrible misspelling, not through some woman tromping through the garden of the English language, but by organic use and the minds of a few truly great men and women. Sure this might be a flash in the pan and we even had to deal with 8 years of poorly worded presidential grammar but right now I know that I will refudiate any claim for the presidency you take unless it is with the TEA Party. For we all will remember this al too telling quote from the Bard of Wassilla “But soft What light from yonder window breaks. It is the East and I can see Russia from my porch.