Tragedy Strikes Home

I have been saying it fir a while, but let me break it down once more. There are only a few outcomes for most Gay Mormons in the church.

  1. Stay an active member of the church feeling implicit or explicit fear and hatred from many other members of their ward.
  2. Leave the Church because of these perceived attacks
  3. Stay in the ward with a thick skin and the ability to look beyond the hated ignorant remarks
  4. Commit suicide to leave the pain behind

Sadly, more people commit suicide than stay in the church with thick skin. Yesterday a friend of mine, Todd Ransom decided that the pain he felt was too much and so he left a note stating “Sunrise – accept this offering – Sunrise”. These were likely the last words he wrote before he killed himself.

Sadly this isn’t a rarity at all. I for one was about to give the same ultimate sacrifice upon the alter of the Lord almost 2 years ago. And since then I have talked with many people trying to convince them not to take their own life but to stay on the earth and keep trying even though the pain is great.

These suicides have to stop! But how? How can we, as members of the church uplift others to help them not even feel the need for suicide? By simply realizing that these gay members of the churn are members, but are 1st Children of God. They are loved by their father in heaven and if we attack them, whisper about them, gossip about them, they are largely going to either leave the church or leave the earth.

After Todd’s death I got a note from a Facebook friend who found me through my blog and YouTube videos. His brief story tells of the very things that often prompt leaving the church or committing suicide.

Dear David,

You are very lucky to have great friends in the church. I unfortunately did not and had to leave on my own cognizance, try to “change” me into a “normal” person or be ex-communicated. So, I choose to leave.

I didn’t really have friends that accepted me for who I am, as a matter of fact, most of my “friends” went to the bishop and told them about me.

I haven’t been to the church since. I guess I’ll have to wait till they accept me for who I am.

So what do we do? How do we fix this? How do we stop the bloodshed? By constantly remembering that while politics, culture, art, and civilization are mortal entities, the human soul is immortal. The child of god you talk with, joke with, mock, praise, and scorn is a beloved child of heavenly father and your divinely appointed brother or sister.