Dear Jack: A Review of Emotions

The first song I ever heard from Jack’s Mannequin was “Mixed Tape” from the CD Everything in Transit. It influenced my life so much that I then created a mix that I called “Mixed Tape” not because it was, but because of that song. Jack’s Mannequin came to the University of Utah that year and I kept hearing more and more about this group. When I moved to Washington DC I created a playlist that revolved around Jack’s Mannequin’s songs “I’m Ready, Holiday From Real, Bruised, and Last Straw” This playlist became my Soundtrack of DC and I loved it. Sadly when my computer crashed I lost the full playlist and play costs, but in the past 5 months i have listened to these songs roughly 200 times each.

So needless to say when I saw the preview for a documentary called “Dear Jack” I knew I had to watch it just for the tie in to Jack’s Mannequin. But when I realized that it was about Andrew McMahon’s, the band’s creator, fight with adult onset leukemia shortly after he finished recording “Everything in Transit”, I knew I was hooked.

In order to handle the stress of the leukemia, chemotherapy, and radiation, Andrew filmed himself so that he could document his triumph over this deadly disease. The movie documents his highs and lows, the pain he feels and the way he manages and pushes through the pain. It shows some of the songs that he recorded in the last few months of treatment and is an inspiring film about believing in your ability to conquer the improbable. It is heart wrenching and heart-felt but I strongly recommend it as it offers fresh perspective on life. I give it 4/5 stars.