Labor Day in NYC – Saturday

So Saturday started out with me coming into bed at 4:30 AM and waking up at 8:45 so I could get to the theatre to buy student rush tickets. Horizon and I had decided on seeing La Cage Aux Folles which is the revival of the original musical that inspired the movie The Birdcage. I made some friends in line and was able to get box seats for really cheap. I then ran back to my room to get some rest.

At around 2:00 I met up with Horizon and we settled into our seats about 75 feet away from Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge. It was a fun show filled with lots of spectacle. LOTS! I mean around 8 drag queen ensemble members who all could do the splits? Giant beach balls thrown out into the audience, and a constant interaction with the front row seats as they came onto the poor old men (and women) sitting at the cabaret tables. It was fun to watch. The plot line was pretty basic but the show was such a sight to see.

After this Horizon and I ran over to “In The Heights” to try for their lottery. We got our slips of paper and dropped them in the bucket. We then spent the next 20 minutes exploring and I had the idea to, if we didn’t get the tickets to “In The Heights” that we should try for the lottery for “Next to Normal” and if that also failed then we would go and get tickets for In The Heights.

Well we sat in eager anticipation as they drew out name after name for “In The Heights” was drawn and finally they got to the last name. We braced each other hoping for a golden ticket to see the show and sadly we didn’t get it. So we ran over to Next to Normal and went through the same process. We signed up, waited, and made friends with the guys in line behind us. As the lotto man began his drawing we again waited on baited breath for our names to be called. I felt like a bunch of first years waiting to be sorted. “Abbot, Hannah” called out the sorting hat, ahem lotto man. We all sigh with disappointment. “Moving Horizon” We shout… well I shout, Horizon stood there dumbfounded. I had to push him up to lotto man. We just earned front row tickets to see Next to Normal for only $25 a piece. Legen – wait for it – Dary.

So we grabbed a bite to eat and on our way back I remembered that I was going to make a sign to hold up for my favorite Broadway star, Kyle Dean Massey. We sprinted to a Duane Reed (think CVS or Walgreens) and got what I could find, a ruled notebook and some markers. We sprinted back to the show and got in with about 4 minutes to spare.

The show was amazing! I talked about it before when I saw in back in April, but this time, on the front row, it was even more phenomenal! I saw the spit fly across the stage ad Kyle’s Character got pissed at his dad across a table. I heard him pop the last note on this song up a third and rock it! A truly amazing performance. At intermission I made my sign that said “You Were On That Stage Kyle Dean Massey” because that is something he says to his friends that I heard on one obscure youtube clip. As they bowed for curtain call and he was right in front of us I held up the sign and on the final bow he looked at it and said “What does that even say” as he squinted, read it and then laughed on his way off stage. The rest of the cast asked him “Do you know that guy?”

Well I ran out to the stage door and got set up on the railings so that I could meet the cast and there they were. Each one wanted to know who I was and what the sign was all about. I got a playbill signed by each one of them and  pictures with them as well. I was giddy for the rest of the night. Sunday the adventure continues and I shall write about that later.