My thoughts on President Packer

Meet President Packer, He is about to speak at general conference and ignite a firestorm because of his remarks, this fate could have been avoided had he had, a sassy gay friend.

I have had about 30 people ask me my feelings on President Packer’s talk this conference and I feel that I am finally able and ready to write about them. I have held off because, let’s face it, work is insane. When President Packer first began to speak and a friend asked me if I tensed in anticipation once the Family: Proclamation to the world was brought up I had an odd reaction. For some reason I had the odd hope that this time it would be different. That if anyone was to say something along the lines of the next progressive step in Church policy it would be Packer because only then would people fully believe. I opened myself up to hope and as we all know, that hope was stabbed like Julius Caesar. My frustration caused me to leave the room and vent on Facebook as many of you have noticed. I did go back and listen to the whole thing during the next speaker’s talk.

After that initial outburst I calmed down a bit. It took a call with my mom who told me that perhaps I should take a look at myself and fix my attitude if I had to walk out of conference and after that cry I have been relatively calm and unaffected by his words. My roommate was more upset by this than I was. I know feel wounded slightly and it will take some time before I can honestly evaluate any of his statements, good thing I’ve got 6 months.

The conclusion that I have made is that President Packer can’t fathom me and my existence. Here I stand an out and proud homosexual who goes on dates with guys while trying my best to do my home teaching each week while balancing my work and my calling. Here I stand with many of you, good, wholesome homosexuals who are not sexual deviants but Children of a loving Heavenly Father. That’s why, if I could have 15 minutes with President Packer I would simply tell him my story and then introduce myself as his new sassy gay friend because I recognize that he too is a Child of God and my brother. As his friend I would spend 3 minutes to share with him selected clips from this episode of Glee which aired at just the right moment. I would show him how the zeal with which he feels he is defending the truth is doing more harm than good and is like trying to give steak to those who might only be able to handle a little milk for the moment.

So President Packer I want you to know that here I stand. I am not your enemy, I am not railing against the Church, I am someone who tries his best to walk in faith and keep my religion while all about me all I know are losing theirs. President Packer, while this clip has Kurt proclaiming his pain over the problem of pain and God I want you to know that I, I just want to hold your hand. I hope and pray that you are given the strength needed to accomplish what the lord has in store for you.