No Offense

Occasionally I am talking with members of my ward, or of the Church on FaceBook and they preface their statement with “I am trying phrase things so I don’t offend you.” Each time this happens I cut the person off and tell them that I don’t get offended easily, if at all.

While occasionally I have been known to walk out of a meeting or a lesson it is completely different scale. 1 is a conversation while the other is being said from a position of responsibility and should be even more conscious.

To prove my ability to avoid taking offense I present to you a comment pulled from my YouTube page to which I don’t take any offense even though I know this person is trying to offend me.

First, I will get right to the point of your video title, in RE: the compatibility of Sexuality and Religion (as a comparison to “oil and water”, which don’t mix). Yours is a “loaded question”, as we used to say, long before you were ever born. You are not talking about “sexuality”, here. You are actually talking about the acceptability of your aberrant and perverse behavior (or set of behaviors), here. The Bible–which has stories that are in no way ambiguous–tells of God’s Wrath on Sodom.

There is actually “nothing” ambiguous about what happened to Abraham’s nephew, in the Book of Genesis. The nephew had gone to live in the city named SODOM (you know the one: it is the place name from which our English word “sodomy” is derived). And, this man was visited by “aliens” (they were called angels). The queers, in the city, all rushed to the door of the house of Abraham’s nephew, and invited them outside, so that they could “know” these “aliens”: acting out their queer-dom

I will not embellish nor somehow “sanitize” your lifestyle, by calling it anything but what we called it, in 1960, when I was a student, at school. (I was not a strong kid, physically, but we all had an understanding that, when a queer kid came out of the closet, that we would call an upperclassman over, so that he could “pound that queer right back into that closet!”).
Queers never got a chance to “come out” of that closet! Unlike that lesbo Ellen DeGenerate…

GOD ordained & sanctioned “marriage”. God joined Adam & Eve together, in the Garden of Eden. (And, if this is merely a “fable”, it is a “good fable”, with an object lesson, attached to it). God created a “helpmate” (old English), for Adam: a “helper” who was acceptable, for Adam. God didn’t ask Adam what Adam’s “orientation” was; God did not offer “sensitivity training”, to Adam: just in case Adam turned out to be queer…

And, finally–back to Sodom (and Gomorrah)–God destroyed those two cities (after the “aliens” had blinded all the queers who were banging on the door of Abraham’s nephew, demanding to send out those “visitors”. (It seems those “visitors” were fully capable of taking care of themselves!)
So, Lot (Abraham’s nephew)–the only one NOT a degenerate, in Sodom–was commanded to leave the city, so God could then wipe those queers (and other degenerates of other types) right off the Earth.

God doesn’t hate you, young man!
(He just hates what you “do”, and what you have “accepted”, for yourself.)

Note: If heterosexuals stay “decent” (not become whores & do what is wrong), then we say that they are “decent people”. If queers were to do the same thing–and not act out their/your filth–then they/you would be accepted, too. I don’t think that is possible, for you, though…

As you can see I could easily take offense but I don’t. If anyone wants to challenge what I believe then please, feel free. Don’t worry, I won’t take offense.