A wake-up call and response to Scott

From what I can see in the Gay Mormon Blogernacle, we have reached, possibly our first (definitely mine), generational divide. Scott points it out a little bit in his most recent post and I have felt it a little bit too. There were a collection of us who came online around the same time and wandered through the mists, finding each other one by one and coalescing as a group. We have our Gay Mormon friends and our MoHo parties, and except for a handful of the mavens in our group (GMG, Abelard) very few of us who have come to a conclusion tot he conflict in our lives interact with the new and rising generation of Gay Mormon bloggers.

Just today I found 3 new bloggers that I never knew existed and whose blogs I read for about 6 hours. These are bloggers who came online in the last half of this year and who are where a lot of those reading this blog (or ignoring it in their feed readers) once were. They are trying to find out who they are and want to be and here I am rambling about politics, trust, WikiLeaks, The War on Christmas and the Meaning of Life. Perhaps this means I am not really a Gay Mormon blogger in the fact that I don’t blog about Gay Mormon issues as much as issues from my (Gay Mormon) perspective. But I think that our position as a community needs to be a force of positive influence around all of us, despite what choices they have made that we might disagree with (Scott, not aimed at you). We need to come together and continue to connect with those around us even if we see ourselves as post-Mormon, because we have a duty and a responsibility to the next generation of Gay Mormons who, regardless of their youth or maturity, are very much like we were 1,2,3,4,5 years ago. They are those who we need to love.

Written and posted at 2:30 in the morning. Please forgive any typos or lack of cohesive thought.