What is Trust?

What is trust? How do you begin to trust someone? How can you let decisions that change your life be put into the hands of someone who you can’t even begin to understand? How can you start to do the same with an unknown force, a God who requires complete and total trust and faith without any proof of existence?

I trust Google to not be evil, Facebook to continue to be “free”, the government to err on the side of the people, business to err on the bottom line, and the Church to be the gathering place in times of disaster. But do I trust any 1 individual, any 1 person? No. Individuals are flawed and malleable, they are irrational. To be fair, so am I. Can I ever trust myself?
In a world where I can trust no one, does it make sense to try? To try and trust anyone, to hitch my dreams onto the ability of others? If all are equally untrustworthy, does that mean God and all, including me, are equally trustworthy? Or are some more equal than others?
Should I make Pascal’s wager? If God exists and is as untrustworthy as all other individuals, then why not put my trust in Him? It can’t be poorer than another choice except perhaps putting my trust in myself.
If I am wrong and God is trustworthy, then I shall be blessed and have a chance to gain all, but my trust may as well just be darts being thrown blindfolded.
If I am right then I may have just as well put my trust in a stone then in God, and I would have strong control if I trust myself.
Which is the better choice, God or myself? Does he even exist?