This is not a New Years Resolution

I find New Years Resolutions to be ineffective. So I stopped making them. However while I was on my flight to SLC I realized that I had come a long way and knew where I wanted to end up. And so I started jotting a list of goals to help me get there. Then I created individual small actions I can do to achieve each goal. So the following isn’t a New Years resolution but a set of goals that I have a plan on how to accomplish. You might think the terminology is just semantics, but in my mind it will make all the difference between giving up and pushing through. These are in no particular order btw.

  1. Consistent Workouts using 4 Hour Body
  2. Consistent Food diets
  3. Read 1 book from my list/week – Review each book by Sunday night. File in Evernote.
  4. Cut 4 TV shows and Netflix from my consumption
  5. Take Grad School/LSAT tests – By June.
  6. Take Princeton review course as prep for the tests so I can improve my score. – Enroll so that class is completed by May.
  7. See all 53 of the musicals on my list
  8. Find a program that will help me the most. JD/MPP/MPA/MBA/MA – by March.
  9. Take a public speaking class
  10. get ~7 hours of sleep a night. Bedtime of 11:00pm, Hard Stop of Midnight
  11. Table ideas and endeavors like 5 wonky gays, LDSEQ, Acting, Dancing, CIA.
  12. Keep to the 80/20 principle. Focus on going deep in a field or two, not broad and shallow.
  13. Establish personal positions on all issues through honest study of both sides, rank according to flexibility
  14. Be flexible to allow for a Boyfriend
  15. Break all fear of networking, take a class if necessary. Learn how to work a room.