The First Week of Lent

So I posted the other day about Lent and how I am giving up fear. If you haven’t read it take a look, I’ll wait.

So after that post I have already had some chances to live up to the challenge of giving up fear. On Friday I had a really great date that had I let my fear control me would have not happened or turned out far worse.

On Sunday I visited an episcopal church just up the road from my ward. I started out the day with Ward Council then visited the All Saints parish in Chevy Chase, and then went back to the chapel and had the sacrament with the 1pm ward.

Because this was the first Sunday of Lenten, the sermon was on Christ temptation and his 40 days of fasting. There were a couple of key points that resonated with me that I would like to share an build upon.

1st. That the word obey doesn’t mean following a Procrustean set of written guidelines but rather is a word to describe a relationship of submission to Christ. While I have appreciated Elder Bednars characterization of obedience as something we will strive to do instead of cringe to do, this pastors imagery struck me more wholly and I think it will do the same for most.

The 2nd item from the sermon was a quote attributed to Ambrose of Milan; “We fast not to starve ourselves but to starve the Devil” by fasting we eliminate many of the hooks he has embedded into us starving him if access to us. How beautiful is that thought!?! From my

LDS perspective I seem to have viewed fasting as simply a way to become closer to God. I hadn’t realized that in getting closer we are becoming further away from Satan and I certainly never had the imagery of Fasting eliminating hooks for Satan to chain us down to. How beautiful.

So in tuning about fasting and hooks I thought about my Lenten fast. How appropriate is it that instead of giving up a temporal hook of say junk food I instead am trying to eliminate a deep seated hook that is a very root of evil. (see Yoda). I feel that my concept of giving up fear was inspired and now my resolve has been strengthened, all because I am sacrificing fear.