A New Adventure

Today I woke up and checked my gmail. I watched a YouTube video that my brother sent me. I read blogs using Google Reader. Looked for directions using Google Maps. I saw ads on websites served up by the Google Display Network. I checked my blog stats with Google analytics, sent a text using Google Voice, and was pinged by Google Alerts. I checked my Google Calendar, updated my contacts, signed a Google Doc, chatted with someone using Google Talk, all of this using Google Chrome as my web browser.
As you can see, I like me some Google, so it is only fitting that I announce my transition out of the East Coast and like the great pioneers before me, I am heading west to California. A land filled with dreams and hopes and my time as a “Noogler” Thats right, a noob/new Googler. That time will be short because I already have used Google Products creatively and so I hope to have a flair for the office, but I am off to enjoy time in a new land, with a new group of people.