Come on and Safari with Me!

If you don’t know that this is an election year, or why this is important to me, then you should probably stop reading this blog altogether. If you also don’t like exotic vacations, then stop reading this post now.

Okay .. all 4 of you still here I have a proposition for ya’ll. Election years are a twisted ball of emotion that sucks and is wonderful at the same time. Like Ewan McGrgor says in Trainspotting “People think it’s all about misery and desperation and death and all that shit which is not to be ignored, but what they forget is the pleasure of it.” Campaigns and election work sucks. I know that at the end of October I am probably going to sear to myself “Never Again” about 1000 times. But that won’t stop me from going back because I love it so much and it feels so grand!

That being said, i know that I am going to need a LONG vacation after the election in November. Something that will let me disconnect from the world for 2 weeks and enjoy myself. My first thought is a cruise, no phone service, internet that costs more/minute than a gallon of gas, endless food, minimal planning, and total relaxation in one of 7 hot tubs. That being said I’m open to other alternatives as well besides a cruise, but that is where my mind is thinking.

Enter: My Problem. I have no travel buddies and a cruise is actually more expensive if I go solo, and likely to be more boring. So I need a travel buddy. Someone who wants to spend the last week in November and the 1st in December completely unplugged from the world on a nice vacation somewhere warm. If you feel like you are up to traveling with me let me know by filling out this form. Any and all takers are welcome and I’ve even included open-ended space for various recommendations and other thoughts should you need it.

I seriously want to have a fun time and need some cool people to come with me. So fill out the information and if I think your view of relaxation works, and that we might not kill each other on the trip than I might just pick you.