In my past anniversaries have been periods of depression and fear. I actually have had a psychological reaction when my body & sub-conscious recognize that something traumatic happened a year ago even if I haven’t remembered.

I have seen this manifest itself in August when I relive getting kicked out of BYU and, because the trauma was so intense, a year later coming out to myself. I have seen it in March around my parents divorce date. I have seen it around the holidays around  my deep depression in 2008. Remembering the anniversary of these events usually knocks me out of commission for a few days as I am feeling depressed as my psyche unconsciously relives the initial trauma. This is not unique to me, but is a human condition.

What is also a key human condition is for us to remember the good anniversaries as well as the bad and to revel in them to the point that the bad are removed from our minds.

Today is the anniversary of me getting quite possibly the coolest job in working for Google. I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to succeed that I have and I truly hope that I have many more anniversaries in the years to come. Some will be bad, but most will be truly wonderful.