BREAKING: Majority of Utahns Support Gay Marriage, New Poll Confirms

Last week I released a poll about support for marriage equality in Utah to update a two-year-old study from BYU that has frequently been used as a proof point countering Judge Shelby’s ruling on Amendment 3 in Utah. The first poll found that in two year’s time, 13% of Utahns switched their opinions from only supporting civil unions to supporting full civil marriage equality.

One criticism about my methodology has raised some questions. Some groups said by including civil unions as a choice, the poll may have under-represented support for full civil marriage equality. For context, I included civil unions as an option in order to compare directly against the BYU study; however, when the same observation was made by pollsters from the Williams Institute, I decided to run a new poll. Here are the results.

Utah Marriage Equality Poll 1-11-14

Given a choice between civil marriage equality and no legal recognition for LGBT couples, 51.3% of Utahns support full civil marriage equality and 43.7% oppose. The new scientifically accurate poll was conducted between January 8th to January 11th, 2014.

Which groups have changed their mind the most in the last ten years? Breaking down the data, women support civil marriage equality the most in Utah at a whopping 58 to 37%. Women ages 18-34 AND women 45-64 all have support of at least 52%. Supporters of marriage equality also come from both urban and suburban regions, and typically households making more than $50,000 a year.

This is the first time a poll has found that a majority of Utahns support marriage equality. It represents a major and rapid opinion change (+17) since Amendment 3 passed with 65% of the vote a decade ago. In Utah, the tipping point has been crossed for marriage equality.