Oxford, A History – New Blog Theme

Years ago I started a blog when I moved to DC and starting coming to terms with the fact that I was both Gay & Mormon. It served as a way for me to express myself and allow my friends & family to stay in touch. In the past 7 years I have gone through many iterations of this blog, at times leaving it dormant. Now I am bringing it back to talk about my journey to Oxford’s MBA Program at the Said Business School.

I set my sights on Oxford for several years and now that it is actually happening I knew I needed to share that journey with others. This blog will talk about life at Oxford, the people I meet, places I visit, and of course those pesky academics I’ll be studying.

Rather than use a completely fresh blog for this journey I have chosen to simply modify my old blog. Below you will see the past stories of my life and my writings at each stage, including;
My life coming out as a Gay Mormon and how it has made me a stronger and more empathetic person.
My time working in DC after I came out including some of my political thoughts and ramblings.
Thoughts and life while working at Google in San Francisco, Ann Arbor, and back in DC again.