Why Oxford MBA is the best class of MBA’s Globally

After I was accepted to Oxford I had an amazing opportunity to visit and meet a few fellow admitted students. We sat through a mock lecture, toured the business school and all of Oxford (including the spot where Catholics were burned at the stake for betraying the King), and had lunch in a Great Hall of Balliol college, one of the oldest colleges in all of Oxford. I’d like to spend today’s post telling you more about my class and the amazing people in it.

During my weekend trip I met a handful of my future classmates, but most exciting was that after I accepted my spot at Oxford, I was looped into a facebook group of fellow students. And over the past 5-6 months we have connected, collaborated, and connected with each other that makes me excited about the next year.

As I said last week, the diversity of Oxford is one of the main reasons I am excited about my next 12 months. Most people seem confused when I tell them that there is only a small contingent of British MBA students and part of that is because the Master’s programs in the UK are 1. Cheaper, and 2. Usually all UK citizens need to boost their career should an OxBridge degree not be enough. Therefore I want to provide a few stats about my fellow classmates and a handful of amazing stories to excite you about my class.

On average, my classmates will be 2 years older than I am (not anything new for me). Our class is 32% female which, while low for US top programs, actually is on par for international programs. We have 56 nationalities and an average of 5.5 years work experience. Additionally, we have only 2.5% LGBT representation (which I hope overtime will increase for Oxford).

What makes us truly unique from US programs is our international diversity. In the US there is ~40% non-US population, and that includes US citizens who happen to be working overseas. My class is only 20% from the US. That means 80% of my class comes from another country. The impact this is going to have on my global mindset is amazing!
Here is a graph of our geographic diversity:

Geographic breakdown of the class
What’s more important than our geographic & gender diversity is the quality of students we have attending this year. We have an Indian male with 10 yrs experience working in energy development, a Filipino-American female who managed global marketing campaigns for Warner Brothers, robotics engineers from Sydney, an Indian female who built her family fashion business coming to school to grow it globally, and a Mormon Angel investment banker from Utah.

Beyond the traditional Finance/Consulting careers that typically drive MBA students, we have international journalists, former military vets from all over the globe, lawyers from South America who have never worn a winter coat, nonprofit managers from Idaho, a Canadian researching the impact of social entrepreneurship, World Economic Forum leaders who are working on solving global water shortages, and a fellow DC student working with Madeleine Albright on international development.

I am 100% confident that our class will out-perform any and all US schools on the global market because at our core is an international, global focus on providing lasting, social and environmental impact on the world in which we live. I also know that starting next month, anytime I want to visit another country I’ll have someone who can host me for a weekend. After All, this is my classmate’s global map.

Map of countries attending Oxford Said 2016

I am extremely excited about the diverse perspectives my classmates will bring and look forward to the discussions, and arguments we get in due to our cultural and geographic biases that other US students may be missing out on.