My first week in Oxford – and how I got here.

In the past week I have had an amazing time at Oxford. I have met a few dozen classmates, enjoyed a dozen pubs and restaurants, and gone exploring, but lets start with the flight.

On Monday morning I said goodbye to my Mum and boarded a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to JFK. I spent that flight reading a book called “Watching the English” all about the different cultural norms and rules which create English culture (Thanks Cara for the suggestion). When I landed at Heathrow I checked into the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse and settled in for my 5-hour layover. I ate some dinner, got my hair trimmed up, and chatted with a handful of staff and my fellow passengers.

Next I boarded business class and for the next 7-hours had a wonderful international flight complete with Dinner, & Breakfast, some sleep and a chance to chat up a cute flight attendant (whom I have a date with next week). All of this service came free-of-charge as I put down my Oxford MBA deposit onto a new credit-card that offered me 75k miles if I hit a certain spend threshold; the business class ticket was only 60k miles. I highly recommend this strategy in the future.

After landing came immigration/customs. There is a student-line which goes very quickly or, with business class you get a priority lane as well (yet another reason). Make sure you have your admit letter and visa in-hand as your process will take a bit longer than just the usual questions you are asked. I highly recommend filing for your Visa immediately after getting your CAS number in July. You don’t want to save it till the last minute as the NYC office has messed up dates on visas multiple times this year resulting in another 3-4 weeks to get it resolved.

After getting through the airport and up to Oxford I checked into my flat and started unpacking. I am 90% moved-in at this point and for a college dorm room things are pretty solid. I share a kitchen/common room with 9 other people who have yet to move in, but I have my own bathroom and shower (a luxury here at Oxford). I live on a little street with some great restaurants and not too far away from a nice run at the University Parks.

This first week has been filled with jet lag and a lot of administrative work, but at the end of the day everything is awesome and I still can’t believe I’m here. Really I’m just waiting for the other show to drop and I think that’s around the corner with class-work.

See you all next week, the day before our program officially begins!