The Perspective of Privilege

The Oxford MBA is a World Class Business School, embedded within a World Class University, tackling World Scale challenges. In order to get in, students need to have a high GMAT score, several years of experience, be leaders in their own right already, and bring with them something special to help tackle global issues. Everyone here in the program has an amazing story to to tell and a background of success.

Students will leave the Oxford MBA with the brand of the school behind them providing even more to their pedigree. This privilege comes with a responsibility and its that responsibility I want to talk about today.

WhSpiritualat I don’t mean to do is preach or to imply that this responsibility is all we need to focus on to the exclusion of all else. These nuns prove that to be the case.

For me the responsibility we have is to our community. That can be our local community around us or the global community that we are all a part of.

So far our class has participated in a ball to donate to four charities, has a team growing mustaches for prostate cancer awareness, as well as helping to aid the local homeless. We also have a Launchpad for global social enterprises, companies that focus on Social Impact, & Sustainability along-side the profit bottom-line.

These are all small ways that we are giving back to the community that we are privileged to be a part of. I hope that over the course of our year here and our career entirely, we will continue to give generously of our time, money, and efforts. Because with great privilege comes great responsibility.Responsibility