Mornings are for Adults

You can say many things about me except one. I am not a morning person. Unless by morning you mean about 10am.

That being said, this morning the sun woke me up I felt energized. After doing some reading and catching up on emails and texts, I felt the need to do something else uncharacteristic. I put on my shoes and went for a run. I’ve never really enjoyed running but if I’m going to do it I need a view.

Now where I live is nice but there isn’t really a good place to run that isn’t just houses and neighborhood. So instead I walked 20 minutes planning on running a 1 mile route around a garden nearby.

As I get near the garden I realize I’m just another 5 minute walk from Kensington Palace so I keep walking.

‘I made it all the way to the palace so I might as well put it to good use’ I tell myself and so I find a route and end up running a 5k.

Towards the end of my run I realize the pure insanity of this. Me. David Baker. Who hates mornings and running just voluntarily woke up early and accidentally ran 5k. WHAT!

IMG_20160731_101346It was at this point that I passed alongside this statue and realized what has happened. I’ve grown up. This morning I woke up and behaved like a responsible adult and in doing so went to the birthplace of Peter Pan so I could be reminded of that fact.

I’ve been blessed to live in a fantasy world of school for the past year but that has ended, it’s time for me to put away my childish irresponsibility while keeping my childlike sense of learning. It’s time for me to wake up while still appreciating all around me like this view I caught on my run.