Finding Energy Without Carbs

I’m sorry that today’s post is not a real post. I wrote something for today but it isn’t quite ready yet but I hope it will be soon. Instead rather than not post, I’m writing this. And rather than be nothing, I’ll talk about food. I love food so much. Especially Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Rice, basically all carbs. Its one main reason why I have a spare tire these days.

In the UK I’ve justified it because at least there are no preservatives and I do a lot of walking and its worked. I’ve been able to maintain my weight while upping my carby foods. Today I ate no carbs. I had some Shakshuka for breakfast instead of my usual breakfast tacos. I had a Chipotle substitute with no tortilla and veggies instead of rice. I snacked on almonds and carrots and an apple and for dinner I made stir fry with Cauliflower rice.

I’ve had headaches all day and my energy was really low until I had that snack. Maybe I’m not cut out for this adulting thing in the end. However, I think I might be and I’m going to keep it up. I’m not being crazy about 0-carbs or Only whole-grains. Its more recognizing that when I have a choice, consciously choosing the healthier option and recognizing the value of that.

Don’t worry, I don’t think I could make a diet that didn’t have my cookies in them so those won’t be going anywhere.