New Personal Record

“Oh! Looks like your passport expires soon” – these were the first words at the airport in London I remember last Friday.

Shocked that I might not be able to make my crazy travel I skeptically asked “really?” as the ticket agent told me that yeah, 2018 was just around the corner.
I quickly mentioned that I fully hope to run out of stamp pages before then.
That was how my 10-day trip around the world started. I had never had that thought before of getting the passport filled rather than expired but as I said it, it just made sense.
In the past 10 days I’ve added a ton of miles, experiences, stamps, currencies, and life into me. My wallet currently has US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euros, Japanese Yen, and Canadian dollars and besides the surealness of it all I’m fine with that.
This was my first Asia trip, my first trip where my plan was to not have a plan at a couple of destinations, my first 12-hr flight (and my 2nd) and my first bachelor party (and my 2nd).
I started the trip thinking I was absolutely crazy and that I may not survive some of the legs. But today when checking into my final day of travel from Montreal to London I had already become a new person. I saw it when the Customs agent asked me why I’d come to Canada. When I told her I’d come for my best friends bachelor party she said “And you came all the way from London just for that!?”
I took a beat and let her know I’d flown from Tokyo for it and she wanted to hear the whole tale. In describing the completed journey – the past – I realized how much I’d done and how easy it had become.
After this trip I do hope to fill up my passport before it expires. I hope to travel even more and have at least 1 trip in the next 30 days to book if not 5 before the year is out.
One valuable lesson I’ve learned is how flexible and ready to go I now am. In the future if someone asks me to go to XYZ country the next week I know that I can do it. I know I can catch a flight and not worry about any anxiety of travel outside of my travel restrictions on the ground. I really hope to get the chance to share this mindset with others, especially my nieces and nephews.