Small and Simple Things

The smallest piece of information can have a monumental impact on your life.
At 19, I beat out the other candidates for an internship in DC solely because I knew the name of my Member of Congress and US Senators while the other candidates didn’t. That small detail in my head changed my life.
Why? Because that internship was taking a chance on a guy who had been expelled from BYU and was just starting to find himself at the University of Utah. It gave me something professional to put on my resume that wasn’t retail or restaurant work.
The internship gave me the connection I needed to pick up the phone and recommend me for my first salaried job in DC a few months later. That job exposed me to digital media and politics and got me hooked.
Because of that hook,  the job led me to Google where we were a client. Google where I caught a passion for more than just politics but the role of ‘business’ in a broader context.
That passion led me to apply and get into the University of Oxford where I have met some of the most amazing people who exposed me to what ‘consulting’ was really all about and who helped me practice and prepare for my interviews with Monitor Deloitte.
I just turned in my laptop at the end of my 8-week internship with Monitor Deloitte where I saw first hand how the skills I’ve picked up along the way could be used as a consultant. I’ve also seen the breadth of exposure to the business world and the hands-on depth with each client I could gain as a consultant. Breadth and depth that I can parlay in many directions moving forward.
The internship gave me a taste and worked partially like an 8-week long interview. Both the firm interviewing me and me interviewing the firm. On Wednesday I had my final exit interview with two partners in the firm and I think it went well.
If all goes well I could have just spent 1 yr accomplishing the difficult task MBAs around the world look to do,  the triple jump. Changing function, industry, and location all at once. A complete professional redefinement. From Political Sales in DC to Strategy Consulting in London.
I don’t know how it will go but I am hopeful. At the end of the day,  I wouldn’t have had this entire journey and opportunity had it not been for that simple, trivial fact in my head.
So thank you to Rep. Jim Matheson, Sen. Bennett and Sen. Hatch for landing me the first step on this journey. Thank you to the teachers and mentors who taught me to value learning for getting me to where I am today. And thank you to everyone who has made this journey as amazing as it has been.